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Bereavement & loss counselling

What is bereavement & loss counselling?

Bereavement describes the sense of loss and grief we feel after the death of someone or something we care about. Loss is not just about death. It can refer to a wide range of changes or life events. This could be the loss of a relationship, friendship, job, property or your health.

Some people will figure out how to deal with bereavement and loss, with the help of family and friends, while others may need the support of a professional counsellor. As a bereavement counsellor, I am trained and qualified to help you process the feelings you have as you go through the stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance - and adapt to your new life.

How can bereavement & loss counselling help?

As a bereavement counsellor I can help you understand your complex and painful emotions and reduce the distress you may have about how you are feeling.

Counselling provides a safe and supportive space in which clients can allow their most painful feelings to be expressed, witnessed and felt.

Bereavement & loss counselling

Contact me via text, telephone or email

and I will arrange a convenient free informal introduction to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have and how counselling can support you. If you feel comfortable with me and would like to proceed, we can arrange our initial appointment.

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