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"Hi, I'm Julia of Charlie J Counselling. Being here for you is important, whether you’re wanting help for a specific issue or just need a listening ear “. 

Charlie J Counselling was founded in memory of my late father, and I am proud to be a small personal practice, providing you a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to explore what you need.

What I offer you 

In the client's words

"I was able gain the confidence and tools that enabled me to get to a place where I felt safe and ready for the next chapter in my life. I was able to gain perspective on my trauma in a way that didn't leave me feeling withdrawn and isolated, leading to destructive patterns which I was so prone to in the past. Now I am studying to be a Psychotherapist, and am in a loving relationship, two things that are really important to me. Julia always reminds you that although she is working with you, ultimately it is you who does the work and ultimately it is not her you need to thank but yourself. This is a really empowering form of therapy and I can recommend Julia to anyone who might need her expertise."



My specialist skills are in supporting people through, trauma, anxiety, bereavement and loss, people who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and work related-trauma/ bullying.

I am trained and deliver pre-trial therapy for witnesses and victims of crime and traumatic incidents ,who may be part of a police investigation, or asked to give evidence in the Judicial / Court system. 

I also provide one -one support for young people aged 13-25, ‘blue light services’ and front-line care staff.  I am Gender and Neuro  Diverse friendly.  

Purple Buds

Offering you over 20 years experience from my personal and professional life, I have first-hand experience of how trauma and loss can affect our lives and our own self-worth, resulting in anxiety and low-confidence. I turned to counselling for help. I experienced how supportive counselling can be, how it can assist people to turn their lives around. This was my inspiration to become a counsellor.



Contact me on  07842 553 127

All day-time Sessions are 50 minutes and priced at £60.00 (8am - 5pm). 

Evening sessions are £70.00 (6pm-7pm). 

I provide concessions for student counsellors.

Appointments are available:

Monday - Thursday  8am - 7pm.

Home visits are day time only.

Out-door therapy is in daylight hours. 

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Diversity Students

How can counselling help you?

Counselling can help you understand yourself and your behaviors better, providing an opportunity for you to talk about your problems, challenges, and difficult feelings in a safe, confidential environment. I will listen to you with respect and without judgement.

Counselling can help you to express and explore your thoughts and feelings about what is worrying you and make some sense of your responses and experiences. This can help you to feel more settled, confident and in control, empowering you to find a way to a more positive future. 

I am a person-centred Counsellor and trained in APT trauma focused CBT. 


Person-centred therapy harnesses the client's natural self-healing process. Given the right relationship with the therapist, clients can decide what they want to do with their lives.

To this end, person-centred therapy is a personal growth model also known as non-directive therapy.

Person - centred therapy is the core of all my therapeutic work.   

I am a member of BACP- the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I work in accordance with ethical framework of good practice.

I have full professional indemnity insurance and hold a DBS enhanced child and adult certificate.

What Clients Have Said

What Clients Have Said

"I couldn’t ask for a better counsellor, you’ve helped me learn so much about myself. You have helped me believe that I am worthy of living and worth the fight. Thank you, Julia”

Forest Trees

Back to Nature


Counselling therapy outdoors in the natural environment can involve walking, discovering nature, or simply just sitting outside in the local park or your own back garden. 


Therapy outdoors gives you increased freedom to express yourself, a greater connection with the therapist and the natural environment. Discover yourself in the peaceful tranquil Yorkshire Dales with back to nature outdoor therapy. 

Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 11.24.46.png

Blue bell wood /Washburn Valley 

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