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Home visits & Home based – community counselling

Home based counselling is completely accessible and inclusive in bringing the therapy to you, whatever your circumstances and wherever you are.

Home-based counseling is usually provided at the kitchen table or in a living room. In these settings, children and teenagers may feel more comfortable. 

This personalised approach may not be as easy to achieve in an office.

Factors that could keep someone from getting care could include, unable to travel , disabilities , chronic medical issues, agoraphobia, and responsibilities at home or work.

Home-based counseling, which is sometimes referred to as community-based counseling, can be effective and beneficial with multiple client populations, including , older adults, children, and individuals with varying needs and disabilities. 

Home-based therapy sessions typically take place at the houses of people in treatment. But, they may also be held in other locations. The counsellor and person in therapy can decide to have sessions in the park or in the garden. If you think home-based therapy is right for you, we can discuss your needs and find out how to proceed. 

Home visits & Home based – community counselling

Contact me via text, telephone or email

and I will arrange a convenient free informal introduction to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have and how counselling can support you. If you feel comfortable with me and would like to proceed, we can arrange our initial appointment.

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