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Face to face Counselling

The face-to-face meeting widens the therapeutic frame because it includes the journey to and from the session. (This can be viewed either as a positive or a negative, usually shifting between the two).

By attending in person, all patients know they come to a safe and dependable address and to a familiar room which they inhabit as routine.

For some patients, this provides their only place of safety.

Face-to-face counselling draws on all the senses, allowing for the full potential of non-verbal communication between two bodies; the interaction with space and objects; the temperature in the room; smells and outside noises; the silent language of entrances and exits.

Face to face Counselling

Contact me via text, telephone or email

and I will arrange a convenient free informal introduction to discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have and how counselling can support you. If you feel comfortable with me and would like to proceed, we can arrange our initial appointment.

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